We advise on high-performance mental models for professional golfers, amateurs, and businesspeople.

Not always the ability to achieve results assumes the theoretical knowledge on which it is based, and this has the consequence that it can not be optimized or repeated at will.

Our experience and knowledge give us in a privileged place to help you define and specify your objectives.

We focus on understanding the patterns of deep game behavior and articulate them with thought models that define courses of action to build strategic behavior. We help unfavorable breakages and self-imposed limits. Increase results, benefits of those who choose us is our mission.

Rafael Beltrán is a Ph.D. in Psychology from the Universidad Católica Argentina, where he is the tenured lecturer in Sports Psychology and others topics related to Performance. Founder and director of the Performance Psychology, which trains and advises golfers, teams, entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals.
Specialist in Strategic negotiation at Harvard University and member of the British Psychological Society, the Association of Business Psychologists and the Special Group in Coaching Psychology.
He worked for more than ten years at Banco Tornquist, where he was Commercial Manager of Retail Banking, Project Leader of the Strategic Plan and Deputy Manager of Human Resources. He was the Human Resources Director of Miracle Consulting Group, President of the Argentine subsidiary and director of the branches of Chile, Mexico, and Spain. He gave courses and conferences in Mexico, Argentina, Spain and Uruguay, among which stand out: “Management of Business Talent”; “Mental Systems for High Performance”; “Congruences between Thought and Action” and “Retention and Development of Talents in the Company.” Author of the books: “You will not succeed” (2008), “Thinking the Business,” “Psychology of Performance” (2015), and “Performance Psychology” (2015).